Sevis adalah kota mistis para peri dan alam. Kota paling indah dan kota tingkat tinggi  dalam permainan. Orang-orang datang ke sini untuk pencarian misi tingkat tertinggi, dan permainan akhir.

Terrain Grassy, Bridge Network Description Highest level city. Warp using /sevis
Classes None Recommended Lv. 120+
Warp Areas East:Southern Red Soil

South:Northern Poibus

Buildings Quest Center, Ranch, Tower of Training, Pet Shop, Bank, Item Shop, Tavern, Red Cross HQ, Sevis Elder's House, Sevis Tower

Main BuildingsEditEdit

[1] Quest Center

Recieve the Highest Level Quests.

[2] Ranch

Come see Deans Ranch.

[3] Tower of Training [4] Pet Shop

You can find the Pet Trainer and some of her marvelous pets on display.

[5] Bank [6] Street Merchant
[7] Tavern [8] Red Cross HQ

At this time the road is blocked off to this building. Maybe it's under construction?

[9] Sevis Elder's House

Home of the Elder in Sevis.

[10] Sevis Tower

At this time nothing is known about this mysterious building.


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